New Novel - The Second Bucket List

bucketList250I am so thankful that my new novel, The Second Bucket List, has a release date of January 5, 2021! It is available now for preorder on Amazon. I love the cover BookBaby designed, and after three years work -- though writing doesn't feel like work to me -- I am happy with the result. Yes, I could probably edit it again and again, and maybe again, changing a word or paragraph here and there, a never ending process of seeking perfection. But it's as complete as I can make it for now.
I am still moved by the story, as the main character, Celeste, was and is quite real to me even though she is a figment of my imagination! I am hoping the book will be a good read and will offer comfort and some wisdom for those coping with terminal illness in the lives of their loved ones.
And . . . after both of our Bearded Collies left us this past summer, Max from old age and Annie from a sudden episode of acute hemolytic anemia, our grief has been assuaged by a brand new Bichon Frise puppy, Merlin. He is ten weeks old, a fluffy white ball of love, energy, and mischief. We are smiling and laughing in a way we haven't in many months. Hooray for puppies! I am so grateful.

May your Thanksgiving be peaceful, bountiful, and safe!