Exerpt from Willow's Gift

Here's an excerpt from my new novel, Willow's Gift, that you might enjoy!

A few nights later as Willow was going to bed, still upset with herself about Shadow's broken leg, she remembered her dream of the lovely white raven and its mysterious invitation to take her dream traveling. She snuggled under her light blanket, closed her eyes, and imagined the beautiful bird coming to her when she was asleep. "You are so pure and white, I'm going to call you Lily. Lily, Lily, where are you? Come visit me." And with that, she dozed off, wishing the white raven would come flying into her room.

She awakened abruptly in the middle of the night from a vivid, astonishing dream. In her dream, the white raven had come to her and perched on the footboard of her bed. She fanned her feathered wings and spoke to Willow in words that Willow understood.

"Willow, come fly with me," she beckoned, turning toward a nearby window.

Willow felt her heart leap with excited anticipation. Then she was lightly, magically floating through the screened window behind the raven, leaving her physical body lying in bed. There was an abundance of light coming from an unknown source, and she could see with both eyes, which seemed miraculous even in her dream. She spread her arms as though they were wings and easily ascended above her house and the forest . . .