Gathering the Soul in the Wilderness

Many wonderful books have recently been written about animal intelligence and the human/animal connection. I loved Carl Safina's "What Animals Think and Feel", Sy Montgomery's "The Soul of an Octopus", and Brian Doyle's "Martin Marten". Each of these books affirms what most of us know intuitively, that many animals are capable, not only of communicating with one another, but of "reading" us emotionally and communicating with us. We experience this kind of relationship with our dogs and cats on a daily basis. Animal communicators go a step farther, communicating telepathically with many different kinds of animals, even at a distance.

connieHomeHorses have been found to be especially responsive (or sometimes reactive) to the emotional states of the humans around them. They know when someone is happy or sad, angry, confident or fearful, tense or relaxed. They will respond not to how someone looks on the outside, but to that person's inner emotional state. So being with a horse gives a person a wonderful opportunity to be mirrored, to become more conscious of what's going on internally.

On Gathering the Soul retreats, each woman is assigned a horse that fits her level of riding experience and ability. After she has made an initial connection with her horse, she is guided to become more and more conscious of her authentic response to her horse, and her horse's response to her. This continues with each ride; she asks herself, what is my horse showing me about myself? What can I learn from this? The process opens the door to a deeper connection to her horse partner, greater self understanding, and potential healing of old relationship wounds.

I always tell people, you will get the perfect horse. And it always turns out to be true!